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About Uniquely Normal

The Power of Story

Unique. Normal. Two words that seem dichotomous--opposed even. Everyone is created - with unique gifts, experiences, education, relationships...and that makes everyone normal! Uniquely Normal is a way of thinking and being. Each of us has something to contribute to each other - value, relationship, story. Go on the journey! Life is short. Life is hard. Life is precious. We don't have to be alone - we can do this together. This journey is about transparency, openness, awareness. God created us to be whole...but we chose our way instead of His. We are all valuable and redeemable. I starts, continues, and ends with story - what is your story?



Closing the Gap

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1-on-1 Sessions

From personal to professional growth, Uniquely Normal wants to help you overcome and create the successful future you’ve always dreamed of. You are holding the pen that is writing your story. You cannot change what has already been written, but you can choose today to put a "period" on your current story and start a whole new story with a beautiful ending.  Answer some questions below and start benefiting today.

Bridge Over River

Motivational Speaking

Real Life: topics, stories, conversations. We bring real people who have "been there and done that" to encourage and challenge others to reach their maximum potential in life.


Past Client Experiences

What People Say

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Trust. Vulnerability. Care. Healthy Conflict. All of these lead to healthier, deeper, more meaningful relationships. For years, I struggled with relationships. I am so grateful for all I learned!


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High performance and high trust and high care? I didn't think that was even possible. Learning to have real conversations--with nothing to lose, nothing to prove, and nothing to hide--has led to real relationships like I never thought possible. I am so grateful!


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When no one talks about weaknesses, shortcomings, or failures, then others cannot learn or benefit from those that have been there and done that. Learning to have the courage to have these conversations is changing my life...and others around me!



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